Paint Touch Up & Chip Repair

AODetail Paint Touch up and Chip Repair

AODetail recognizes that sometimes a simple paint touch up can restore your vehicle’s appearance to pristine condition. If you value an immaculate look for your car, or if you are selling or returning a leased automobile, let us make chips and scratches disappear. We can remove these scuff marks without having to repaint the entire damaged area. Our professional, trained technicians can custom mix over 25,000 colors to match any vehicle, apply the paint with an airbrush or brush to the damaged areas, and remove any excess pigment.

Our restoration experts, perform chip repair on any vehicle, removing imperfections from bumper-to-bumper. Our touch-up technique costs much less than a repaint and will greatly enhance your vehicle’s visual impact..

With factory paint touch up bottles, the colors never seem to match despite carefully ordering them by the manufacturer’s paint and color code. The touch up must be slightly lightened or darkened depending upon the location of the damage. AODetail accomplishes this with computerized color matching.

Let AODetail restore your car so it looks just like it left the dealership floor.