Bumper Repair

AODetail Bumper Repair

Most modern vehicles come equipped with painted, plastic bumpers, meaning dings, dents, and cracks are common from daily driving. If you are driving around with a big hole in your car’s beautifully painted plastic bumper, repair is waiting at AODetail.

AODetail’s high-quality plastic bumper repair is a fast and easy process, especially compared to traditional bumper repair from auto body shops. Most damaged bumpers can be repaired. Using advanced repair technology, we keep the original manufactured bumper on your car, instead of a costly replacement. This saves time and money, while restoring your car’s original parts, protecting its value and warranty.

Using computerized color matching and only the highest quality paints and materials, AODetail restores your car back to its original factory finish with our full guarantee. We repair all types of damage: scruffs; scratched and cracked, dented and punctured; faded, painted, or unpainted, all at reasonable prices as compared to an auto body shop. We also specialize in the repair of the textured non-painted bumper covers. Most repairs are completed same day.

Let AODetail repair, not replace your bumper.