AODetail’s Luxury Car Auto Detailing Services in the Philadelphia Main Line

AODetail provides the pinnacle of auto detailing in the Philadelphia Main Line area, serving many residents of Lower Merion Township and Haverford Township. We take pride in our work and only provide the most modern solutions for cars available, offering advanced detailing solutions and various custom options

Auto detailing isn’t just about cleaning cars but also properly preparing and restoring them to make them look and feel new. Every detailing service at AODetail has been crafted and honed to perfection, guaranteeing a unique experience not offered elsewhere.

Interior & Exterior Auto Detailing Packages

AODetail offers a variety of auto detailing packages to choose from, including custom options to ensure that our customer is always satisfied. 

AODetail’s Auto Detailing Packages

  • Our New Car Prep Package offers added protection, durability, cleanliness, and paint correction. It is the cheapest of the detailing packages and reserved for new vehicles that do not select a ceramic coating, starting at $195. 
  • Our 2-Step Full Auto Detailing includes full decontamination, detailing, and protection for the exterior and interior. This package starts at $225. 
  • The 3-Step Full Auto Detailing package includes services such as machine polishing and our two-step interior process. This package starts at $325. 
  • Our 4-Step Full Auto Detailing includes additional machine polishing/correction services and is tailored for each customer’s specific car. It starts at $425. 

Custom Options and Packages are available based on the individual car and what specific services are needed or desired. 

Common Services Included in AODetail’s Detailing Packages

  • Foam bathe with two bucket wash (by hand)
  • Synthetic sealant to add protection and boost gloss
  • Windows, wheels, tires, etc. cleaned and treated
  • Full interior clean with ph-balanced cleaners
  • Carpet and Upholstery cleaned using pet-safe shampoo

Paint Protection Film & Clear Bra Installation

Clear Bra paint protection film (PPF) acts as an invisible barrier to protect a vehicle’s paint from rocks, scratches, and other damage. In addition, it shields selected panels of the vehicle’s exterior without altering its appearance. 

Clear Bra Paint Protection Film’s Versatility

Clear Bra PPF is perfect for any vehicle due to its unlimited versatility. It’s up to the customer to decide exactly where they want PPF applied, as it can be put on virtually any painted surface. AODetail offers various PPF packages for the customer to choose from:

  • Full Car Installation
  • Full Front-End Coverage (Full Hood, Fenders, Bumpers, Mirrors)
  • Partial Front-End Coverage (⅓ Hood and Fenders, Bumpers, Mirrors)
  • Front Bumper Only
  • Custom Options: Rocker Panels, Rear Bumpers, Headlights, Roofs, and More!

ClearBra Paint Protection Film Brands and Recommendations

  • CeramicPro Kavaca
  • STEK DynoShield
  • Xpel Ultimate+
  • PremiumShield SH+
  • SunTek Ultra PPF

Ceramic & Graphene Automotive Coatings

Ceramic and graphene coatings work by filling in the pores of a vehicle’s surfaces to protect against UV rays, contaminants, and road salts. There are many different coatings, and some coatings don’t work as well with some cars/paint systems, but that’s where AODetail’s expertise comes in. 

AODetail has been an authorized installer of ceramic and graphene coatings for over ten years, giving unmatched knowledge about different substrates. We carry various coating options and recommend what’s best for each customer instead of promoting just one or two brands. 

Additional Auto Services

  • Wheel Powder Coatings: Powder Coating has become a popular option for many customers due to its many benefits. Powder Coating offers a thick layer of protection for the wheels that come in a variety of colors and can last for the lifetime of the car.
  • Brake Caliper Painting: Getting your brake calipers painted is an easy way to give any car some new flair and personality. Stand out with paint calipers done by experts.
  • Paint Correction and Touch Up: AODetail provides the most thorough paint correction in New Jersey using modern machinery and manual processes. Designed to remove every imperfection and scratch possible, AODetails paint correction guarantees a flawless and gorgeous finish.
  • Paint Chip Repair: We can perform paint chip repairs and touch ups on any vehicle. Get your car’s paint job looking great again!

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AODetail offers a wide variety of auto detailing packages to suit your every need! Starting at $195, we have your car detailing needs covered. Trust our experts to ensure your car looks its best by recommending a package for your car’s needs. Don’t see a package that fits the bill? We can customize a plan to fit any want or need.

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