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Clear Bra or Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an invisible barrier that protects your car in ways that wax, sealant, or paint can only minimize but not prevent.

AODetail offers various Clear Bra solutions from full front-end coverage (full hood, fenders, bumper, and mirrors), partial front end coverage (half hood and fenders, bumper and mirrors), or front bumper only. Custom installations can include rocker panels, rear bumpers, headlights, mirrors, arches, trims, door sills, plus exposed surfaces where PPF is difficult to apply.

Clear Bra Porshe Cherry Hill NJ

Protects against paint chipping & scratches

Protects against rock chips & rock salt

Protects against insects & tree sap
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By utilizing the best products rigorously tested in extreme conditions, a Clear Bra installation will provide the best possible results sustaining a pristine appearance with the best possible results extending the quality and life span of your car while it stays cleaner, longer.

  • Clear Bra or Paint Protection Film (PPF), is a clear, durable film applied to the painted surfaces of your automobile, providing the ultimate protection from rock chips, UV rays, and other environmental contaminants.
  • Clear Bra shields your vehicle without altering its original appearance, keeping the exterior in pristine condition, avoiding costly damage repair or paint work. Its durability lasts about five years without fading or discoloration, and is easy to clean and maintain while protecting from swirl marks, fading, and staining.
  • AODetail proudly uses 3M Paint Protection Films. 3M pioneered the industry by originally developing an invisible, transparent, protective film for military use, first on helicopter blades, then the exterior of fighter jets.
  • It is used by NASCAR to protect sponsorship graphics and keep a car together during collisions.
  • Now, designed for the automotive aftermarket, Clear Bra Paint Protection Film has evolved to preserve the world’s finest vehicles while being available to the general public at reasonable prices, protecting vehicles from the harsh conditions of modern day driving.