Paint Coatings

Paint coatings offer the latest in cross-linked, hydrophobic technology that increases the durability of protection to years, rather than months. Unlike traditional wax, advanced chemistry has manufactured paint coatings made from resin or ceramic quartz creating a finish that is harder and thicker with a glossy shine immune to severe weather, road salts, and harsh chemicals that damage a car’s delicate finish.

AODetail is an Authorized Installer of Ceramic Pro, creating a superior shine with a deep, glassy, reflective finish emitting crisp clear reflections. These ceramic coatings, manufactured from ceramic particles, protects against UV rays, airborne contaminants, and road salts by filling in the microscopic pits, pores and valleys for a smooth flat surface. This finish allows for easier maintenance of your car’s appearance since grime and dirt do not stick as easily to its surface. A simple car wash will reveal a freshly waxed look to your coated vehicle. Whether your coating your vehicle’s painted surfaces, trim, glass or wheels, AODetail promises high quality and professional results.

Paint coatings also provide enhanced protection for window glass and wheels. A window glass coating creates a crystal clear membrane increasing chip and scratch resistance. Snow and rain are easily whisked away providing safe, clear vision from your vehicles windows. Wheel coatings provide impenetrable toughness to brake dust particles, road salts, tar and oil and are designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

Like any detailing project, a properly prepared surface is key for proper bonding and longevity. Utilizing the steps of our Paint correction service, AODetail makes sure that enhanced paint coatings are applied evenly and thoroughly.


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