Ceramic & Graphene Coatings

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AODetail is South Jersey’s premier CeramicPro-Certified installer

Ceramic & Graphene coatings, manufactured from nano-ceramic particles or Graphene molecules, protect against UV rays, airborne contaminants, and road salts by filling in the microscopic pits, pores and valleys for a smooth flat surface.

Ceramic Pro Treated Untreated
AODetail is an Authorized Installer of CeramicPro, SPS Graphene, Feynlab and many other Coatings Systems. Not all coatings are created equal and not all cars work well with every type of coating. We’ve been installing coatings for nearly a decade giving us unrivaled knowledge on all surfaces. We’ll recommend what works best on your car, not one single brand in which we have a blind allegiance.
Ceramic Pro Ceramic Nanotechnology
AODetail promises high quality and professional results on all makes, models and surfaces. We can Coat and Protect Paint, Plastics, Wheels, Glass, PPF and more. Not just cars as well! Watercraft, Aircraft, Interiors and In-Home Surfaces. Contact us for more info!
Ceramic Pro Coating Autobsessions

As with any Coating project, a properly prepared surface is key for proper bonding and longevity. AODetail makes sure that enhanced paint coatings are applied evenly and thoroughly following the most strenuous and thorugh Paint Correction procedures producing a defect free surface you can enjoy for years.

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