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Ceramic Coatings for Cars: Everything You Need to Know

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Ceramic coatings are a popular way to protect cars from the elements and keep them looking shiny and new. They provide a high level of protection against the elements and help maintain your car’s exterior finish with less effort.

But what exactly are ceramic coatings, and are they worth the investment? We’ll dive into everything you need to know.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings are a liquid polymer that is applied to exterior or interior surfaces of a car. They are composed mostly of silicon dioxide (silica, Si02), which is sourced from natural materials such as quartz. Carrier solvents are mixed to allow the application of this super hard substance across almost any surface without marring it.

Once these solvents evaporate, the silicon dioxide will begin to harden into a glass-like shell, creating an infinitely harder, more hydrophobic surface. Unlike waxes and traditional sealants, ceramic coatings will form a covalent bond with the surface it’s applied on to ensure it will last years, not months.

It creates a barrier that is much harder than paint alone, and along with it comes many benefits.

Advantages of Ceramic Coatings

  1. Offers an extra layer of protection from UV rays, harmful chemicals, and surface contaminants
  2. Makes cleaning your car easier and eliminates the need to wax or seal
  3. Makes your paint job more durable and lengthens the lifespan of your car’s finish
  4. Lasts for a minimum of two years
  5. Cost-effective compared to traditional waxing
Ceramic Pro Treated Untreated

Ceramic Coatings Myths

While there are many benefits to having a ceramic coating on your car, there are some widely-believed myths that lead to people having unrealistic expectations. Let’s dive into what’s fact or fiction when it comes to ceramic coatings.

Myth: Your Car Will Be Scratch-Proof and Chip Free

The Truth: Ceramic coatings are great for providing low-maintenance cleaning and protection from UV rays, chemicals, and other contaminants. However, they are not designed to withstand major scratches and chips.

If you’re considering a ceramic coating for your car, it’s important to know that it doesn’t mean your car will be 100% safe from scratching or chipping. While a ceramic coating can make your car more resistant to scratches and chips, it’s not a guarantee that your car will be scratch-free. If you’re looking for something that does provide protection from scratches and chips, paint protection film is your best bet.

Even with a ceramic coating, there are a few things you can do to help protect your car from scratches and chips. Try to avoid parking in areas where there is potential for debris to fall on your car, such as under trees or near construction sites. You should also keep an eye out for any cracks or chips in your vehicle’s paint, as these can eventually lead to more serious damage.

Myth: Ceramic Coatings Eliminate the Need to Clean Your Car

The Truth: The truth: When people say that ceramic coatings are “self cleaning” they don’t literally mean that it will clean itself. Ceramic coatings create a hard outer layer that’s exceptionally smooth and makes removing dirt and grime much easier than wax (or nothing).To maintain the ceramic coating you should wash your car every two weeks.

Myth: Ceramic Coatings Provide Complete Protection from Swirl Marks and Water Spots

The Truth: You can still get swirl marks and water spots if you aren’t washing your car properly.

While a ceramic coating is more resistant to swirl marks and water spots, you still have to be careful when washing your car, even if it has a ceramic coating. If you’re not careful, and give your car an improper wash, you can end up with swirl marks and other surface defects. The good news is, we can polish these issues out of a ceramic coating should they arise.

An improper wash includes the materials used and the way you decide to wash your car. Harsh chemicals or abrasive materials can damage the coating. A proper wash includes using a PH-neutral soap via a foam cannon and the two bucket method. A clean, gentle wash mitt is key to a defect free wash, alternating mitts as needed. When drying, forced air is the best way to simultaneously remove standing water and minimize unnecessary touching. If this isn’t possible, a soft microfiber drying towel is an excellent alternative.

Remember, a ceramic coating is not a chance to neglect taking care of your car’s paint job. You still have to take care of the coat in order for it to last a long time and perform as it should.

Myth: You Can DIY a Ceramic Coating

The Truth: It’s very easy to mess up a DIY ceramic coating installation, and high-quality ceramic coating products are only sold to professionals. In addition to the coating itself, proper prep work is paramount to correctly bonding a ceramic coating to your car’s surfaces. If done incorrectly the coating will fail prematurely or you will lock in unsightly surface defects.

Some people believe that you can apply a ceramic coating on your own. While consumer grade products have improved by leaps and bounds, pro-grade coatings with stronger protection, like CeramicPro, Feynlab, SPS and 22PLE, are only sold to accredited detailers, not to the average person.

In addition to not having access to a professional protective coating, it’s a tricky process to do on your own that can cause permanent damage to your vehicle. It’s best to leave it to the professionals who are certified coating installers. If your ceramic coating is applied incorrectly, your only option for removal may be wet sanding, which can also damage your car’s paint if done incorrectly.

Is a Ceramic Coating for Your Car Worth It?

If easier cleaning and the long-term preservation of your paint job matters to you, the benefits of a ceramic coating outweigh the cost. It offers greater scratch-resistance, a durable layer of protection from UV rays and chemicals, repels dirt and water, and gives your car a high gloss finish that makes it look new with minimal effort!

If you are looking for an easy way to protect your car’s paint and make it look great, then a ceramic coating is worth the investment.

STEK Dynoflex window protector

STEK DYNOFLEX Windshield Protection Film

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Introducing STEK’s Exceptionally Superior Windshield Protection Film

When you’re on the road, the area on your car most prone to damage is the all-important windshield. All it takes is one small rock flying into it for you to face sky-high repair costs, especially if you have ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). Windshields equipped with ADAS require extra attention during replacement or repair; the recalibration alone can run your costs into the thousands, as well as put your car out of commission for a long time. Above time and money, which are two solid reason to invest in good windshield protection, the highest priority is safety. The windshield acts as a pillar of support during your drive, and becomes a key safety component when accidents occur.

No question about it—considering safety, maintenance costs, and saved time, it is vital to strengthen and protect your windshield, which is constantly exposed to the elements. In order to achieve optimal windshield protection, STEK offers an exceptionally superior film called DYNOflex. The film guards your windshield against scratches, chips, cracks, and even stains so that your vision remains unobstructed. This is all due to the TPU layers, which are extremely elastic and thus are able to absorb and immediately re-distribute any impacts to the windshield.

Dynoflex windshield protection film
Stek windshield protection films protects car windshields from cracks, chips, punctures, stains and other damages

If you get DYNOflex, you will no longer need to worry about replacing the glass, period. Allowing you to avoid the costly ADAS recalibration or other possible repairs. Furthermore, after a professional shrinkage-free installation process (amazing for curved surfaces), DYNOflex will also be protecting you from 99% of skin-damaging UV rays, whilst simultaneously providing outstanding light transmission for a crystal-clear view. Another great feature is the hydrophobic nature of DYNOflex. It prevents issues such as water spots or contamination and ensures that your windshield is always protected from the elements, wherever you are. A final feature that is important to note, are the self-recovery qualities of DYNOflex, which allow for a hands-free solution to scratches. This is the key to your windshield being perpetually safeguarded.

Why Should I Get Paint Protection for My Tesla?

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Paint quality has been a widespread concern among Tesla owners. Although Teslas are a luxury vehicle, the paint is known for being soft and thin. The paint around the wheel wells, bumpers and fenders are especially known for having issues. As a result, Teslas need a little more TLC in the paint department, and Tesla owners are turning to paint protection solutions like Clear Bra Paint Protection Film and ceramic coatings. 

Paint protection products prevent:

  • Paint chipping
  • Fading 
  • Swirl marks
  • Hard water spots
  • Etching 

What is Clear Bra Paint Protection Film?

This type of protective film (also known as PPF) is applied to the paint on your car. Clear Bra PPF, unlike ceramic coatings, has a highly malleable urethane that can self-heal when scratched, automatically filling in any gaps caused by minor scratches and abrasions. Paint protection film is generally installed over fenders, bumpers, hoods, or entire vehicles. With full coverage, your vehicle’s finish will be shiny and protected from larger debris and scratches.

Check out our Clear Bra Packages.

What are Ceramic Coatings?

In contrast to Clear Bra, ceramic coating forms a permanent bond to your car’s paint surface. This bond protects it from all surface stains, including bird droppings, bug stains, and even oxidation. In addition to protecting your surface from minor scratches, the ceramic coating will make it dirt and water-resistant, making car washes faster and easier than ever. 

Combining Clear Bra and Ceramic Coatings for Superior Protection

When deciding whether to install Clear Bra PPF or a ceramic coating to your Tesla, remember that both products protect your vehicle but do so in different ways.The combination of ceramic coating and clear bra is the most effective way to protect your car’s paint.

Paint protection film offers scratch, chip, and environmental protection with self-healing properties to keep your Tesla looking its finest. Adding a ceramic coating will give your Tesla a sleeker shine and give it hydrophobic properties that make it easier to clean. In addition, it’s very important to ceramic coat PPF due to it’s more malleable nature. Adding both products at once will provide everything you are looking for when it comes to protecting the paint and preserving its resale value.

How to Maintain Your Tesla After Being Protected

Clear Bra on Tesla Cherry Hill NJ

Maintaining your Tesla’s appearance by detailing it on a regular basis and hand-washing it between visits can make a huge difference. With the help of our professional detailers at AODetail, we can remove any dirt and grime that has built up over time. We can also repair any pesky scratches and chips that accumulate on the surface. If you have a ceramic coating, ceramic toppers can be applied to your coating’s surface during your detailing appointment to rejuvenate its appearance.

Ceramic Coatings & Clear Bra Coating at AODetail

Book your ceramic coating or Clear Bra paint protection film appointment with AODetail today. Your Tesla will thank you! 

Porsche 911 Carrera close up after detailing reflection

Explained: What is Paint Correction?

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Nothing beats the look of a brand-new car. The flawless paint, the shine – no scratches, swirl marks, or bird droppings in sight. But over time, imperfections in your paint are inevitable. Even with the most meticulous hand wash, it’s hard to recreate that beauty once you start driving it around.

When you want to recreate that flawless look that made you fall in love with your vehicle, paint correction is the way to go. Sometimes, a good detailer can make your paint look even better than it did the first time you saw it.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about paint correction and how detailers like AODetail can help revitalize the look of your car. 

What is Paint Correction? 

Paint correction is the process of permanently removing imperfections in your vehicle’s paint job.  

Perhaps you haven’t been able to maintain your car the way you’d have liked. Maybe you bought a used car with noticeable swirl marks or holograms. All of these defects can be corrected by using cutting compounds, a collection of machine polishers, and a high-end detailer with the training and expertise to make sure it’s done right.  

Paint correction is a labor-intensive process that requires precise work and dedication to make you paint look crisp and clear. Trust us when we say that when it comes to paint correction, you get what you pay for. You’ll be much happier coming to AODetail first, knowing that you won’t end up paying for two paint corrections after the first shop gave you second-rate results.

Common Paint Imperfections 

Paint correction services fix a wide variety of imperfections, some of which are very obvious while others are more inconspicuous. Here are the most common types of paint imperfections we see and correct in our shop:.

Swirl Marks 

Swirl marks or holograms can look neat on a binder or a tumbler, but not when it’s unintentional and evident on the body of your car. Swirl marks are the result of tiny scratches that occur from abrasive materials gliding over the paint. Most of the time, this happens because you’ve been washing and drying your car improperly. Even if a dry towel feels soft to you, it’s still abrasive enough to create swirl marks. Luckily, paint correction can remove swirl marks for a sleek, mirrored exterior. 


This is an obvious one – no one likes to see scratches on their vehicle. Aside from looking unpleasant, scratches in the paint can expose the metal to oxygen, causing rust. If left untreated, rust from deep scratches can corrode your car, damaging it permanently. That’s why it’s worth bringing your vehicle in for a paint correction if you have light or deep scratches. 


Sometimes everything looks fine, but when you glide your hand across the surface of your car, you can feel imperfections. If that describes your vehicle, your paintwork has some contamination. Usually, contamination is from a vehicle’s environment. Trees may drop berries or sap, rail dust and other airborne contaminants will find a way to bond with untreated surfaces. Fall out and paint contamination is largely unavoidable on vehicles that spend their lives outdoors. 


Watermarks or water spots on your car are like those you get from your dishwasher. Rain, water, and cleaning products leave behind minerals or a residue that collects on the surface of your car. If untreated, these marks can permanently stain or etch your paintwork.

Acid Etching 

Acid etching is the meaner version of watermarks. When acidic materials are left on the surface, it will eat into the clear coat and become very difficult to remove. If you leave watermarks on your car for too long, you can get etching. The uric acid in bird poop is also a huge culprit, so you should always wipe away droppings as soon as possible.

Stages of Paint Correction 

Like we’ve mentioned before, paint correction is an intensive process, especially if there is a lot of damage. AODetail’s paint correction process includes the following:

  1. We start with thorough decontamination to wash away surface dirt and remove any bonded debris, such as tar spots and industrial fallout.
  2. Paint thickness is measured using special gauges to identify uneven surfaces, then careful examination of the paint under halogen and LED lamps reveals all imperfections. 
  3. Sensitive areas are masked off to prevent staining or damage from machinery and products. The utmost care is taken during these necessary masking steps.
  4. Once fully prepped, a fine amount of paint is removed using non/diminishing abrasives via paint-safe machinery to level the surface and remove heavier defects.
  5. A range of silicone-free polishes and compounds are applied to refine the surface and restore depth and clarity. Paint thickness is continually measured to ensure that the finish is even. If scratches are too deep to safely remove without risking further damage, the imperfections are rounded off at the edges to make them less visible in direct light.
  6. The panels are wiped down with a body shop strength panel wipe to remove any oils from the polishing process, revealing the true finish. The surface is now free of defects and ready to be protected.
  7. At this point, you may choose your method of protection: Synthetic Sealant or Paint Coating (Ceramic or Graphene).

Protecting Your Vehicle’s Paint After Paint Correction

After investing in high-quality paint correction, you owe it to yourself to make the results last as long as possible. While the results of automotive paintwork correction won’t last forever if left unprotected, proper maintenance and additional protective measures like ceramic coatings and paint protection films can make the beautiful paintwork last much longer.

AODetail: Your Professional Paint Correctors

The team at AODetail are car experts with years of experience correcting paintwork on exotics, luxury vehicles, and your everyday drivers. We live for the look on a driver’s face when they see how we’ve transformed their car. From convertibles to SUVs to beaters, we transform cars with visible paint and exterior defects into the beautiful road-worthy machines they’re meant to be. 

Notice the difference that flawless auto paintwork can make on your vehicle by scheduling an appointment with AODetail. Contact us today.

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last?

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Ceramic coatings are a great way to go when it comes to improving the durability and longevity of your paint work. Applying a ceramic coating to your car’s paint provides an ultra glossy and effortless layer of protection with fantastic results that keep your vehicle looking great for years.

On average, a professionally applied protective coating will last between two and five years with proper maintenance, but some coatings (like our CeramicPro ION) can last longer. Knowing how to maintain your ceramic coating is crucial to ensure that the benefits last as long as possible. 

Here is what you need to know about maintaining your car’s ceramic coating.

How to Keep Your Car’s Ceramic Coating Looking Fresh

Allow Time to Fully Cure the Coating 

Waiting for your ceramic coating to fully cure ensures that the compound has enough time to attach firmly to the surface and harden. If you subject your car to the elements too soon after the coating is applied, it will not be durable.

Cure times can vary depending on the type of coating used. To guarantee optimal performance from your ceramic coatings, ask your coating installer how long to wait before washing or taking your car on the road. 

While your new coating is still curing, parking in a garage or over-covered area overnight is highly recommended. You should also drive it as little as possible and keep it out of direct sun and rain. This step will prevent the elements from penetrating a coating that has yet to harden completely.

Keep Your Vehicle’s Surface Clean With Regular Handwashing

Keeping your car clean is essential to protecting a ceramic coating. When oil, water, dirt, or other contaminants remain on the surface of your vehicle, it can degrade the coating and affect its shine, creating scratches or fading over time.

Hand washing is the preferred method when cleaning a ceramic-coated vehicle since automated car washes might strip away or damage coating layers. A proper hand wash every one to two weeks will keep your vehicle’s paint looking immaculate and protect the longevity of your ceramic coating. Hand washing also allows you to closely identify blemishes and major contaminants requiring more attention or specific cleaning agents.

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Shine with Occasional Detailing 

Regularly detailing your car can make a monumental difference in the overall appearance. Our professional detailers can remove dirt and grime that builds up over time and treat those pesky scratches and chips that can collect on the surface. During your detailing appointment, a ceramic topper can be applied to rejuvenate the coating’s appearance and hydrophobic properties.

Contact AODetail to ensure the job gets completed correctly. We have access to tools and treatments needed to bring out the color and luster of your vehicle’s finish. This service typically includes interior and exterior cleansing.

How Often Should You Detail Your Vehicle?

Certified Ceramic Pro Installers Cherry Hill NJ

The frequency of car detailing depends on various factors such as the type of road you usually drive on and if you have children or pets along for most trips. Getting your car detailed every three or four months may be wise if you often face harsher roads, rain and snow, or dustier/dirtier conditions. If you find yourself driving on smooth highways and maintaining good hygiene inside your car, getting it detailed two to three times per year should do the trick.

Can You DIY Ceramic Coating?

It may be tempting to purchase and apply a ceramic coating yourself – do not do this. When it comes to automotive coating products, you get what you pay for. While a DIY coating is cheaper, you will ultimately get much better results with a professional shop like AODetail. This is because we’re equipped with the industry’s top products and equipment to do the job right. Decades of experience with all makes, models and paint conditions allow us to get the most out of every coating installation.

Getting perfect results from your ceramic coating relies on perfect prep, skillful application, and professional-grade products. Our coating technicians know how to properly prepare the surface and each layer of the product to create thick, durable coatings designed to stand up against all sorts of conditions like harsh chemicals, UV rays, and road debris. 

Long story short: A professional ceramic coating service is worth investing in to ensure your vehicle looks better and lasts longer than it would otherwise.

A Professional Ceramic Coating Service is the Key to Long-Lasting Results

Ceramic coatings are an excellent way to protect your vehicle from wear and tear. AODetail has over 16 years of experience providing results that get our customers compliments on the road. AODetail is an official CeramicPro Elite Dealer, a title that represents the best of the best in our industry and provides us access to the latest technology in automotive coating products, such as the CeramicPro ION line. 
From paint correction, PPF, and more, we provide quality assurance and proper application techniques for long-lasting results. Contact us today.

Salt Damage to Cars: What You Need to Know

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car driving past a vehicle spraying salt brine on roads to remove snow

In the northeastern United States, winter turns the terrain into a white wonderland. However, cold conditions that bring ice and snow are not so magical when you drive in them. Drivers in our part of the country are thankful for road salt and salt brine, a mixture of salt and water that will keep the ice and snow from sticking to road surfaces, but it isn’t without consequences. The downside is that it leads to salt damage to cars.

Here’s how to find salt damage on your car and prevent it in the future as you take to the roads during the coldest months of the year.

What Does Road Salt Do?

Road salt is a form of sodium chloride and a rather corrosive compound. Salt brine is a solution of salt and water with a freezing point below water. As such, salt brine can decrease the adhesion of ice to roads. 

During the winter, snowplow workers use road salts and salt brine to melt the ice and snow and keep the ice from adhering to highways and streets. Since salt lowers the freezing point of water, it ensures ice can melt even below 32 °F. A major reason that cities use these products is due to affordability. It’s also a straightforward way to keep the roads safe for driving.

Road salts get used when winter conditions become more severe, such as snowstorms, or when the temperatures drop steeply and ice starts to form on the ground. In Pennsylvania, snowplow workers used an average of 12.6 million gallons of salt brine last winter and 801,453 tons of road salt during the previous five winters. 

Statewide, more than 2,000 plow trucks and 452 rental trucks remove the snow and ice from the roads. The state government used an average of $271 million over the last five winters to remove snow and ice. 

While rock salt is inexpensive to de-ice the roads and make travel safer, it also leads to damage. Road salts can damage infrastructures like bridges, freshwater areas, and roadways. Road salts can also harm the bare metal of cars. It may remove the car’s paint and expose the vehicle’s undercarriage to the elements, leading to rust, damage, and other cosmetic damage.

How Does Road Salt Damage a Car?

Road salts cause chemical reactions when they interact with your car. These chemical reactions corrode the paint and exterior of your vehicle. Since salt is a corrosive substance, it speeds up rust formation on metals. That’s why salt can make your car’s surfaces rusty. 

Road salt damage is not just about looks, either. Your car’s brake lines and fuel lines are most at risk of rust and corrosion when exposed to salt brine and salts. Since these parts are located underneath the vehicle, they’re the closest to the roads and the salts on the ground and have the greatest likelihood of salt damage. Long-term exposure of your vehicle’s undercarriage to ice and salt may impact the safety of your car.

How to Spot Salt Damage to Your Car

Salt damage first appears on the vehicle’s flat body panels like the trunk, roof, or hood of the car. Since the top parts of a vehicle receive the most sunlight and provide an area for salt to accumulate, they’re more likely to see the damage.

Pay attention to the body panels to see if there is fading paint or corrosion. Also, check out the undercarriage, the inside of your trunk, underneath the hood, and the wheel wells. Any bubbles in your paint may also indicate salt damage.

What should you do if you notice salt damage on your car? You’ll need to move quickly to fix the problem. You should make an appointment with AODetail immediately. We can help repair salt damage to your car, as well as help protect it from future damage.

How to Prevent Damage from Road Salt

AODetail can help prevent damage from road salt by applying automotive coating systems such as Ceramic Pro. This coating will prevent salt, water, moisture, and other elements from damaging your vehicle’s exterior. In addition to ceramic coatings, paint protection film will provide an added layer of protection from salt damage on your vehicle. Some other tips for preventing road salt damage include:

    • You should wash your car regularly (including the undercarriage) to remove salts and other substances. After a car wash, apply a layer of wax to protect the car’s surfaces and prevent road salt damage. Have us touchup any chipped paint to avoid rust formation as well. 
    • Put your vehicle in a garage on sunny days after a particularly icy or snowy storm. This will limit the sunlight the car receives and reduce the risks associated with salt kicked up in the air from those driving in the area.

Want to Protect Your Car from Road Salts? Contact Us Today!

AODetail provides paint protection, protective coatings, and paint correction services to keep your vehicle looking as good as you bought it, even in winter. We can help protect your car from road salts as you traverse winter weather. Contact AODetail today to schedule service and keep your vehicle looking fresh throughout the year.


black Audi parked in the snow in Philly

2022 AODetail Black Friday Specials!

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Each of our Black Friday Specials are in limited quantities, reserve now!

Any questions on specific packages or items included, please reach out to us at 856-906-2454 or 856-532-0878

$499 Ceramic Coating Package


A lot of customers have been clamoring for an “Entry Level” Ceramic Coating Package that lowered the barrier of entry into this segment. We worked our butts off to come up with a solution at an affordable price. Enter our $499 Coating Deal! What’s included? Full Decontamination as with any of our other Pro-Grade Coating Systems. Once Decon’d we’ll perform a single stage gloss enhancement and apply our Entry Level Coating to all painted surfaces, exterior plastics and wheel faces. Unfortunately this will not become a regular menu item and is Black Friday Only. There are only a limited quantity available also.

To Reserve $499 Ceramic Coating Install, please click the following link to place your deposit at our Square Online Store:

$499 Black Friday Coating

Limited Quantity Offer. $99 Deposit towards $499 Ceramic Coating Package offered at AODetail.

$499 Ceramic Coating Package includes a single stage gloss enhancement. Package does NOT include a Full Paint Correction/Defect Removal. Customer may add Full Paint Correction at time of service for an additional cost. Coating will be applied to Paint, Wheel Faces and Exterior Plastics.

This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. No substitutions or cash value redeemable. $99 Deposit Required to lock in this offer. Coating install must be performed before 5/1/23. $99 deposit will be credited towards any full price installation after 5/1/23.


FREE Front Bumper PPF Installation w/ Long Term Coating Install

Paint Protection Film is a thick, transparent Urethane that is installed on painted surfaces to prevent most rock chips and scratches. Amazing clarity and thickness, self healing properties and excellent impact protection make this a no-brainer for those looking to prevent scratching, chipping and pitting. Try PPF on the house with this deal!

We’re offering a free Front Bumper PPF install on ALL Long Term Ceramic Coating Installations (5 Year, 7 Year or Lifetime Coating Packages). Average retail value on a Front Bumper install is $750.

To Reserve your FREE Front Bumper PPF install with Long Term Ceramic Coating Install, please click the following link to place your deposit at our Square Online Store:

Free Front Bumper PPF with Long Term Coating

This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. No substitutions or cash value redeemable. $99 Deposit Required to lock in this offer. Coating/PPF install must be performed before 5/1/23. $99 deposit will be credited towards any full price installation after 5/1/23.

15% OFF ANY Ceramic Coating Package

Did you just get a new car and want to keep it looking new for years to come? Have an older car you’d like to restore to better than new condition? It doesn’t matter the age of the vehicle, Ceramic Coatings are a great option for cars of all ages. Ceramic Coatings will be installed over fully corrected surfaces locking in a perfect finish for years, not weeks like traditional waxes. A properly installed Ceramic Coating system will keep you vehicle cleaner for longer, make washes much easier, eliminate the need to wax your vehicle and provide greater protection from the elements, UV fade and greater scratch resistance.

15% OFF Any of our Ceramic Coating Packages. Discount will apply to our 2-Year, 3-Year, 5-Year, 7-Year or Lifetime Warrantied Coating Systems. In addition, this discount will be applied to all necessary prep/paint correction needed. Black Friday is the only time of the year we discount our Ceramic Coating Packages, don’t miss out!

To Reserve your 15% OFF Ceramic Coating Package, please click the following link to place your deposit at our Square Online Store:

15% OFF Any Ceramic Coating Package

This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. No substitutions or cash value redeemable. $99 Deposit Required to lock in this offer. Coating install must be performed before 5/1/23. $99 deposit will be credited towards any full price installation after 5/1/23.

15% OFF ANY Full Detail Package


Enjoy 15% OFF our popular Full Detail Packages. Treat your car to a complete overhaul inside and out! Offering three distinct packages tailored to meet each and every vehicle’s needs.

Our 2-Step Detail is great for well maintained vehicles or those looking for a more interior focused package. Exterior surfaces will still be decontaminated and protected.

Our 3-Step Detail is an excellent mid-range package for the exterior of most vehicles while still performing a complete interior. Minor defect removal and machine polishing will make the outside of any vehicle shine!

Our 4-Step Detail is an excellent choice for those looking to maximize defect removal or gloss/depth of exterior surfaces. Through a two stage machining process, amazing results can be achieved outside while completing a full interior cleaning.

To Reserve your 15% OFF Full Detail Package, please click the following link to place your deposit at our Square Online Store:

15% OFF Any Full Detail Package

Take advantage of this limited time, limited stock offer. Not to be combined with any other offers. Promotional value is good for one (1) year from date of purchase. Retail value does not expire and can be applied to any other AODetail service.


Auto detailed Tesla

What is Car Detailing?

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Professional car detailing is a service that keeps the look and feel of your vehicle like-new. During a car detail, you can expect to have your interior and exterior cleaned by hand rather than passing through an automated system. This process is thorough and gets into every nook and cranny that would be overlooked if done at a typical car wash. 

Car Detailing Keeps Your Ride Fresh

Anyone can wash the inside and outside of your car, but you are guaranteed a better experience if a professional detailer takes care of it for you. Professional detailers provide top-notch treatment and only use high-quality equipment and products when taking care of your ride. Keeping up with routine car detail maintenance will not only keep your paint fresh, but will also retain your car’s resale value. 

Types of Detailing Services 

Interior car detailing services typically consist of:

AODetail on luxury BMW interior
  • Vacuuming: Seats, carpets, floor mats, and the trunk area are vacuumed to remove dirt and debris.
  • Compressed Air Cleaning: Using regulated compressed air, small cracks and crevices are able to be clean that otherwise wouldn’t be reachable by hand.
  • Scrubbing & Brushing: Removes stains from floor carpets and mats.
  • Steaming: If it’s a tough stain, steaming is the more effective way to remove the stain.
  • Glass Cleaning: Cleaning of the windows and windshield.
  • Leather Treatment: For vehicles with leather interior, a leather cleaner and conditioner are applied. 
  • Perfuming: Detailers will spray a scent to leave your car smelling fresh and new. 

Exterior services include:

  • Wash & Dry: This process is all done by hand. The detailer will foam and hand wash the exterior of your vehicle and dry with compressed air to minimize marring. This includes cleaning of the rims, door jambs, and glass.
  • Clay Bar Application: Used to remove bonded surface contaminants, think of clay bar treatments as an exfoliation process for your paint. Claying allows for a cleaner, smoother surface and helps increase the effectiveness of polish and wax. 
  • Waxing/Sealing: This adds a protective layer to your car’s paint and gives it a glossy finish. 
  • Polishing: If you have any swirls or scratches, polishing helps remove a small layer from the car’s clear coat. This process will remove those imperfections.

Pro Tip: Remove Your Items 

It is necessary to remove all items from your vehicle for it to be serviced. Some detailers will remove your items since it will get in the way of production. Clear your front and back seats, consoles, glove boxes and trunk of items and store them in your home for a more thorough experience.

Why Your Car Needs Detailing

Although a car wash might get the surface-level dirt off your car, they will miss tougher bonded dirt and grime. Not only are automated car washes not as thorough as detailing, but they can/will also induce scratching and swirling into your car’s clear coat. Car detailing will leave your car looking fresh as well as protect its paint and interior. 

Not only does car detailing maintain the visual appeal of your car, it also helps with your well being. That’s right! A clean car means less dust, germs and hazardous chemicals being inhaled as well as having sharp visibility from your windows and windshield being cleaned effectively. 

We’ll Get Your Car Squeaky Clean

You can have your car detailed by our team of professional detailers at AODetail. We’ll leave your ride looking smooth and shiny! 

Ceramic Pro Results AODetail

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