Brake Caliper Painting in NJ & Philadelphia

If you’re into customizing your vehicle, brake caliper painting is just the way to show off your style. If your car already has custom paint or coating and you’re looking to complete the look, don’t forget about matching your brake parts to the rest of the car. Even if you are just starting to customize your vehicle to match your style, painting your brakes is a great way to start. 

Are Brake Calipers Worth Painting?

Painted brake calipers enhance the aesthetic appeal of your car while also providing functional benefits. For many car enthusiasts, brake caliper painting is worth it for the following reasons:

  • Painted brake calipers boosts your car’s appearance
  • Caliper painting involves the removal of rust, dust, and debris from the brakes
  • Painting your brake calipers will prevent future rusting
  • Your brakes can be painted or powder coated to match your style
  • You can even have your rotor hats painted to match your brake calipers to complete the look you’re going for

Our Brake Caliper Painting Process

At AODetail we offer two different ways to paint your brake calipers:

  1. Painting without disassembly
  2. Powder coating with disassembly

Preparing Your Brakes For Painting

We always start every job the same way: thoroughly cleaning and decontaminating the calipers. For any paint or powder coating to last, we need to start with a clean base. Our team will use degreasers and fallout remover to get started. 

Painting Your Brake Calipers

Once finished with our decontamination process, we’ll go through the rest of the process as follows:

  1. Scuff the calipers to allow the surface to become more accepting of paint
  2. Any sensitive areas will be masked off and we’ll apply an adhesion promoter to help promote the stickiness between the caliper and the paint
  3. Our technicians will color the caliper
  4. For those looking for a more custom look, we can even add vinyl graphics on top of the color
  5. Apply a clear coat on top for a more durable finish

Painting With or Without Disassembly?

Painting your calipers without disassembly is the more cost-effective method that gets the job done faster. We take pride in all of our work and to ensure that the paint has time to set, we still ask that we keep your vehicle overnight. This allows us to ensure that the paint has had the proper time to cure and will remain durable. 

You may also choose to powder coat your brake calipers. We will need to disassemble and re-install them after completion, which does take more time than our standard painting process. 

AODetail is South Jersey’s favorite brake caliper painting provider

Why AODetail?

AODetail has over 16 years of experience working on high-end luxury cars. We’re South Jersey and Philly’s favorite car services provider.  From full-service detailing to paint chip repair to brake caliper painting, our customers trust us to take care of their vehicle as if it were our own.


How long do painted brake calipers last?

Brake calipers may last for three to five years. The paint AODetail uses is durable and will last as long as it is properly cared for, such as not using a power washer close to the caliper or using caustic wheel cleaners. 

How much does it cost to paint brake calipers?

Pricing for brake caliper painting depends on the professional you decide to visit, the quality of their paints, and if you add vinyl graphics. At AODetail we charge $500 for a set of four calipers with standard colors such as red, black, silver, and yellow and $600 for custom paint if available.

How long does caliper painting take?

While it only takes a couple of hours to paint the calipers, at AODetail it’s our policy to keep the vehicle overnight and use IR lamps to ensure proper curing. If a customer should drive off too soon before the caliper is cured, premature chipping or flaking could occur. 

How should I take care of my brake calipers?

To ensure the longevity of your paint, we recommend staying away from harsh chemicals and wheel acids when caring for your car. It’s also important to remember to not get too close to the calipers when power washing. 

What temperature does the paint last up to?

Our high temp enamel paints are resistant up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

What colors does AODetail provide?

We stock standard colors like red, yellow, black, and silver with the option of a matte or gloss finish. If you are looking for a custom color, we can have the paint mixed if provided a paint code.

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