NJ Vehicle Paint Correction Services

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction repairs and removes surface imperfections and damage such as swirl marks, fine scratches, bird droppings and acid rain etching plus isolated deep scratches.

AODetail’s advanced techniques guarantee beautiful and flawless paintwork. Our labor-intensive process, use of modern abrasives & polishes in conjunction with state-of-the-art machinery and decades of combined experience delivers optimal results. Once correction is completed, we recommend replacing the removed clear coat with a Ceramic or Graphene coating to lock in your new surface.

AODetail’s Paint Correction Process

  1. We start with thorough decontamination to wash away surface dirt and remove any bonded debris such as tar spots and industrial fallout.
  2. Paint thickness is measured using special gauges to identify uneven surfaces, then careful examination of the paint under halogen or LED lamps reveals any and all imperfections. 
  3. Sensitive areas are masked off to prevent staining or damage from machinery and products. The utmost care is taken during these important masking steps.
  4. Once fully prepped, a fine amount of paint is removed using non/diminishing abrasives via paint safe machinery to level the surface and remove heavier defects.
  5. A range of silicone free polishes and compounds are applied to refine the surface and restore depth and clarity. Paint thickness is continually measured to ensure that the finish is even. If scratches are too deep to safely remove without risking further damage, the imperfections are rounded off at the edges to make them less visible in direct light.
  6. The panels are wiped down with a body shop strength panel wipe to remove any oils from the polishing process, revealing the true finish. The surface is now free of defects and ready to be protected.
  7. From this point, you may choose your method of protection: Carnauba, Synthetic Sealant or Paint Coating (Ceramic or Graphene).
paint correction before on Tundra vehicle paint correction after results on Tundra vehicle

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AODetail is one of the few auto detailers performing true paint correction in New Jersey and Philadelphia, resulting in virtually defect-free vehicles that appear better than new. The best part is, they’ll stay that way with proper care. We don’t hide or cover up defects, we remove them permanently.

A properly corrected automobile will shine brilliantly and produce stunning reflections free from scratches and imperfections, permanently.

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