Paint Touch-ups in New Jersey and Philadelphia

We all know the pain of discovering chipped paint on your ride, especially after all the work you put in to keep it looking nice and clean! Luckily, sometimes a simple paint touch-up can restore your vehicle’s appearance back to pristine condition.

AODetail’s professional paint-touch up service can restore lost paint from chips and scratches on your vehicle. With our color-matching technology, we can perfectly color-match your paint so that you don’t have to worry about discolored paint where the repair was done.

If you value an immaculate look for your car, or if you are selling or returning a leased automobile, let us make chips and scratches disappear. We can remove these scuff marks without having to repaint the entire damaged area!

Perfect Paint Color-Matching

Our professional, trained technicians can custom mix over 25,000 colors to match any vehicle, apply the paint with an airbrush or brush to the damaged areas, and remove any excess pigment.

With factory paint touch-up bottles, the colors never seem to match at first despite carefully ordering them by the manufacturer’s paint and color code. To fix this, the paint must be slightly lightened or darkened depending upon the location of the damage. AODetail accomplishes this with computerized color matching for a seamless finish.

The Benefits of AODetail’s Paint Touch-Up Service

  • Our touch-up technique costs much less than a repaint and will greatly enhance your vehicle’s visual impact.
  • Fixing chips and scratches in your paint will eliminate the risk of rusting due to paint loss.
  • Computerized color-matching ensures that the restored paint will perfectly match the rest of your vehicle.
Car Paint Repair

Frequently Asked Questions About Paint Touch-Ups and Paint Chip Repair

What is a paint touch-up?

A paint touch up is a non-bodyshop option to fix paint chips, gouges and deep scratches on your vehicle. Paint touch-ups are a cosmetic fix, and while the repaired area will be drastically improved, you should not expect a touch-up to be completely unnoticeable. In order to repair damaged paint 100% perfectly, panels will likely need body shop repair.

Can you fix paint chips that are already rusted?

If a paint chip has already rusted, it may be best to have the area repaired at a body shop. That said, there are some cases where we can still touch up a rusted area if it is confined to a small area. If you’re unsure whether your paint repair should be done by us or a body shop, please contact a specialist at AODetail for more information.

How long does a paint touch-up take?

At AODetail, paint touch-ups can usually be completed the same day you roll into our shop, and the job itself can be completed in a few hours.

Do I need to wash my car before a paint touch-up?

Yes. We recommend bringing a clean car so that we can evaluate and identify areas that will need to be restored. 

Let AODetail restore your car so it looks just like it left the dealership floor.

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