Powder Coatings for Wheels and Rims

AODetail has provided quality services for luxury vehicles in New Jersey and Philadelphia for over 16 years. We’re your local, reliable, and passionate provider of powder coating applications for your vehicle. 

Adding a powder coating to your car is a durable, cost-effective way to add a new color while providing chip and scratch resistance. You can change the finish of your car’s wheels, rims, suspension pieces, and other parts to your liking. Powder coating is superior to traditional paint methods since the finished product can withstand the impact of weather, dust, debris and higher temperature much better. At AODetail we can powder coat all types of metal including aluminum, steel, stainless, titanium, and magnesium. We use Prismatic Powders for all of our powder coatings, so if you see a color that you like from their catalog, we can provide it.

Benefits of Powder Coating Your Wheels

  • Extremely durable: with proper care, powder coatings will last for the lifetime of the car.
  • More coverage than paint: powder coating can evenly cover the entirety of your wheels, including the difficult to reach areas that wet paint can’t reach.
  • Factory-like finish: powder-coated wheels come out looking just like new, even if they previously were damaged.
  • Cost-efficient: long lasting coverage and durability make this coating option well worth the cost of application.
  • Versatile: powder coatings on wheels can be changed as many times as you’d like.

Get your powder coating done the right way with AODetail. There’s no one more reliable or knowledgeable than us!

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