Introducing STEK’s Exceptionally Superior Windshield Protection Film

When you’re on the road, the area on your car most prone to damage is the all-important windshield. All it takes is one small rock flying into it for you to face sky-high repair costs, especially if you have ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). Windshields equipped with ADAS require extra attention during replacement or repair; the recalibration alone can run your costs into the thousands, as well as put your car out of commission for a long time. Above time and money, which are two solid reason to invest in good windshield protection, the highest priority is safety. The windshield acts as a pillar of support during your drive, and becomes a key safety component when accidents occur.

No question about it—considering safety, maintenance costs, and saved time, it is vital to strengthen and protect your windshield, which is constantly exposed to the elements. In order to achieve optimal windshield protection, STEK offers an exceptionally superior film called DYNOflex. The film guards your windshield against scratches, chips, cracks, and even stains so that your vision remains unobstructed. This is all due to the TPU layers, which are extremely elastic and thus are able to absorb and immediately re-distribute any impacts to the windshield.

Dynoflex windshield protection film
Stek windshield protection films protects car windshields from cracks, chips, punctures, stains and other damages

If you get DYNOflex, you will no longer need to worry about replacing the glass, period. Allowing you to avoid the costly ADAS recalibration or other possible repairs. Furthermore, after a professional shrinkage-free installation process (amazing for curved surfaces), DYNOflex will also be protecting you from 99% of skin-damaging UV rays, whilst simultaneously providing outstanding light transmission for a crystal-clear view. Another great feature is the hydrophobic nature of DYNOflex. It prevents issues such as water spots or contamination and ensures that your windshield is always protected from the elements, wherever you are. A final feature that is important to note, are the self-recovery qualities of DYNOflex, which allow for a hands-free solution to scratches. This is the key to your windshield being perpetually safeguarded.

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