AODetail’s Luxury Car Auto Detailing Services in Burlington County, NJ

A vehicle says a lot about a person. Everything that goes into maintaining a car reflects the person driving it. The way they take care of it, if they keep it clean, and the styles and colors they choose, all play an essential role.

Car owners must take care of their vehicles so their vehicles can take care of them, which starts with taking their vehicles to an auto detailing service they can trust.  AODetail is a high-quality auto detailing and full-service car wash company residing in New Jersey, and we provide top-of-the-line services to many of Burlington County’s communities, including Moorestown, Marlton, Medford, and Mt. Laurel!

Interior & Exterior Auto Detailing Packages

Among many services, AODetail’s auto detailing packages come in an assortment of options that leave cars looking and feeling like they did the day they drove off the lot.

Offering 2-Step, 3-Step, and 4-Step Auto Detailing packages with custom add-ons, AODetail provides plenty of personalized options to meet your vehicle’s needs. Whether you are only looking for a small amount of work done or require an intensive detailing service, AODetail can provide whatever you need.

What makes AODetail’s services different from a standard car wash is the depth in which we clean a car. We don’t just use soap, water, and wax. Our trained staff will completely and thoroughly decontaminate every vehicle before each detail. Expertly applied sealants for protection, paying extra attention to windows and wheels, detailing cracks and crevices, and steaming/shampooing carpets and upholstery inside the car. 

All packages include interior and exterior touch-ups – but as the steps increase, so do the services. For those looking for something more, AODetail will work with the customer to add services onto a package or create an entirely custom detailing package. The detailing packages are as follows:

2-Step Full Auto-Detailing

The 2-step is designed to provide regular maintenance to well-maintained vehicles. It includes:

  • Exterior wash
  • Decontamination
  • Sealant for gloss and protection
  • Treatment for windows, wheels, wells, tires, and jambs
  • Cleaning of all interior surfaces
  • Cracks and crevices
  • Carpet and upholstery wash

3-Step Full Auto-Detailing

On top of regular maintenance, the 3-step addresses light paint defects. It is designed as a regular maintenance or seasonal plan. The service includes everything offered in the 2-step with:

  • Clay bar treatment for bonded contaminants
  • 1 round of polishing to remove paint defects

4-Step Full Auto-Detailing

The 4-step service is intended for vehicles with severe defects that require maximum maintenance. In addition to the services offered in the 3-step package, the 4-step bundle includes an extra round of machine polishing using products specific to the vehicle’s painted surfaces.

Paint Protection Film & Clear Bra Installation

One of the excellent services AODetail offers is its Paint Protection Film (PPF). This service is also known as Clear Bra Installation. It is an invisible film that is laid on painted surfaces of your car to protect your vehicle’s paint from any potential impact damage. 

Whether it’s a scratch or chip from debris kicked up by a car’s tires, AODetail’s Paint Protection Film creates a barrier of protection for any car.

PPF can be used on the entire exterior or only certain parts, depending on what the customer wants. The benefits of Clear Bra surpass just keeping a car clean from scratches. It saves customers money from tiny repairs, prevents long-term sun damage, and lasts up to 7-12 years without fading or discoloring.

Ceramic & Graphene Automotive Coating

Ceramic and Graphene Coatings protect the exterior surfaces from water, UV rays, road salts, and other potential threats that could damage the vehicle. AODetail is a service company with expertise grown from years of experience. Our trained staff knows that not every car should be treated with the same products and process. That’s why we offer multiple different coating systems so that we can use the one best suited for each vehicle and customer.

Additional Auto Services

On top of our professionally performed auto detail packages and ceramic and graphene coatings, AODetail provides additional services that only further a customer’s experience, including:

  • Wheel Powder Coating: A powder coating that adheres to the alloy rims. It provides protection, defect repair and/or color change.
  • Brake Caliper Painting: AODetail offers caliper painting to give your car custom flair. They use high-quality paints to provide your caliper with a long-lasting style. 
  • Paint Correction and Touch-Up: A service that refines fine scratches, swirl marks, acid rain etching, and bird dropping areas. It also repairs deep scratches and surface imperfections and provides further protection with ceramic or graphene coating.
  • Paint Chip Repair: A service that fixes paint damage from dings, scratches, and scrapes on your vehicle.

AODetail is a company that cares about our customers and performs the work the right way with trained and experienced professionals. Of all the detailing companies in the New Jersey area, AODetail leads in quality, longevity and a level of expertise that can’t be found just anywhere. 

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AODetail offers a wide variety of auto detailing packages to suit your every need! Starting at $195, we have your car detailing needs covered. Trust our experts to ensure your car looks its best by recommending a package for your car’s needs. Don’t see a package that fits the bill? We can customize a plan to fit any want or need.

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