AODetail’s Luxury Car Auto Detailing Services in Camden County, NJ

Does your Camden County vehicle need a little TLC? Visit AODetail for the best auto detailing services in the Camden County area, including Cherry Hill, Voorhees, and Haddonfield. Our expert offerings at AODetail are affordable and straightforward, and the customer experience we provide is unmatched in the area. Does your car just need a wash? We provide full-service hand washing services to keep your vehicle looking brand new. 

Whether you want to give your car a quick facelift or need a more intensive, restorative detailing process from exposure to rough New Jersey roads, the experts at AODetail will get you back on the freeway in no time. We detail all makes, models, and years with friendly faces and quick service. 

Interior & Exterior Auto Detailing Packages

Detailing packages at AODetail start at $195 and range from New Car Detailing Packages to heavy interior and exterior detailing and restoration. If you need something a bit more specialized, no problem. AODetail provides top-notch custom services to give you the best result possible.

Our Detailing Packages

The base package at AODetail is the New Car Prep Package and includes the following:

  • Foam bathe with two bucket wash
  • Removal of contaminants with Nanoskin or Clay Bar
  • Decontamination of Iron X
  • Desired or necessary paint correction
  • Synthetic sealant application (adds protection and gloss)
  • Cleaning and treatment of windows, tires, wheels, and jambs
  • Interior surfaces are protected from UV rays and staining

Want more from AODetail? If your vehicle needs a little more TLC, we provide 2-step, 3-step, and 4-step full auto detailing packages to choose from. We also can customize a detailing plan for your vehicle so you receive all the services you need without the ones you don’t. Add-on services include interior shampoos, machine polishes, and nano skin applications to ensure your car stays on point. 

Paint Protection Film & Clear Bra Installation

If you want to prevent scratches and chips in your vehicle’s paint, then paint protection film (PPF) /Clear Bra installation at AODetail is for you. 

What is PPF and Clear Bra?

Even avid auto-enthusiasts cannot avoid the occasional paint chip or scratch, but some blemishes are impossible to ignore. PPF, or Clear Bra, services at AODetail preserve your precious paint so your car looks brand new every time you’re in the driver’s seat.

What Does It Do?

PPF is a thick, transparent Urethane that is stretched to fit your vehicle’s painted surfaces providing the ultimate in impact protection. In addition to providing excellent chip and scratch protection, this ultra-clear film has the ability to self-heal, melting away minor issues. Applying PPF does not impact external appearance other than protecting from environmental and impact damage. PPF is a long-term product and will last about 7-12 years.

Ceramic & Graphene Automotive Coatings

If you’re looking for long term UV protection and looking to avoid periodic surface maintenance, AODetail can apply a Ceramic and Graphene Coating

What Do Ceramic and Graphene Coatings Do?

These nano-particle coatings protect a car by filling in the pores on the vehicle that are invisible to the eye. The primary purpose of a ceramic or graphene coating is to protect your vehicle from damaging road salts, pollution, and severe weather. 

AODetail has certification through CeramicPro, Feynlab, SPS Graphene, and more. Substantial and well-regarded companies in the ceramic coating field. Our team can examine your vehicle and determine which formula suits your car and your budget – without pushing products on you.

Additional Auto Services

AODetail offers more than just paint protection and auto detailing. Below are some of the other expert offerings from AODetail.

Wheel Powder Coating

As mentioned earlier, Camden roads take quite a beating from the environment and vehicles throughout the year, which can result in damaged, unappealing wheels. 

AODetail can repair any existing curb rash, pitting, scratches, bends, and more to existing alloy wheels. We can powder coat wheels in almost any color and finish to change the look or restore a factory finish.

Brake Caliper Painting

This service suits extra-sporty customers seeking to add a personal touch to their vehicle. AODetail can apply almost any color imaginable to brake calipers for a unique, edgy vibe. 

The brake caliper services at AODetail are not only cosmetic. Our painting process does not disrupt brake functioning.

Paint Correction 

Have you had your car for several years and incurred damage from car washes, the elements, or anything else beyond your control? AODetail provides True Paint Correction services for Camden County residents. Our process combines state-of-the-art technology and decades of collective experience for stunning, permanent results.

Paint Chip Repair

Dealing with chips and scratches that have messed up your car’s paint job? Our Paint Chip Repair service handles imperfections from bumper-to-bumper. 

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AODetail offers a wide variety of auto detailing packages to suit your every need! Starting at $195, we have your car detailing needs covered. Trust our experts to ensure your car looks its best by recommending a package for your car’s needs. Don’t see a package that fits the bill? We can customize a plan to fit any want or need.

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