AODetail’s Luxury Car Auto Detailing Services in Gloucester County, NJ

Are you an auto-aficionado needing to restore the luster on your Porsche in Washington Township or elsewhere in Gloucester County? Need to protect your Mustang’s paint from chipping? Or do you want to polish up the minivan before taking the kids to soccer practice? No matter what type of car you drive, you can count on AODetail to make your car shine. No one else offers the combination of expertise, price, and friendliness that we do.

Interior & Exterior Auto Detailing Services

Instead of just washing the dirt and snow off the streets from your car, protect your car’s beauty and longevity by detailing it. AODetail offers different detailing packages to suit your needs, starting from just $195.

New Car Prep Package

Detail packages start with our New Car Prep Package and include the following:

  • Foam Bathe w/ Two Bucket Wash
  • Clay Bar or Nanoskin (as needed) to remove bonded contaminants
  • Iron-X Decontamination
  • Desired or necessary paint correction
  • Synthetic Sealant applied to boost gloss and add durable protection
  • Windows-Wheels-Wells-Tires-Jambs cleaned and treated
  • Interior Surfaces protected from UV rays and staining

Our other detailing services include shampooing interior surfaces, machine polishing, and applying long lasting sealants to ensure your car looks its absolute best. 

Paint Protection Film & Clear Bra Installation

AODetail’s team has kept up with and adopted the latest technology in beautifying and protecting automobiles. We are pleased to offer customers expert Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Clear Bra installation services. 

What is PPF and Clear Bra?

PPF, also known as Clear Bra, is the best way to shield the painted exterior of your car from staining, rock chips, scratches, the sun, and other environmental hazards. 

What Does It Do?

PPF does not alter the color of your vehicle in any way, solely to keep its paint shining like brand new. With one installation, you can avoid paint fading, scratching, chipping, or discoloring for 7-12 years. 

Ceramic & Graphene Automotive Coatings

AODetail extends their officially authorized Ceramic and Graphene Coatings expertise to our customers. 

What Do Ceramic and Graphene Coatings Do?

These coatings, composed of nano-particles, work to protect a car by filling in the pores and valleys on the vehicle that are invisible to the eye. This surface treatment ensures that road salt, sunlight, and airborne pollution cannot tarnish a vehicle. 

Though AODetail is officially authorized by CeramicPro, Feynlab, and other coating companies to treat vehicles, customers can trust our pros and their years of experience to use a coating they know will work best for each vehicle.

Additional Auto Services

Beyond detailing, AODetail offers several other services to keep anyone’s vehicle immaculate and impressive, such as the following:

Wheel Powder Coating

This service is for those who want to protect the surface of their car and their wheels from environmental damage. AODetail can apply durable, high-quality powder paint coats to the wheels to protect them from the same environmental contaminants that risk a car’s surface. Powder coating covers the entire wheel, and a variety of colors and finishes can be chosen. 

Brake Caliper Painting

This service is for those who want to add an extra-sporty, personal touch to their vehicle. Whichever color a customer wants for their calipers, AODetail can apply. We will brighten the calipers while ensuring the brakes retain their needed function.

Paint Correction and Touch Up

AODetail provides specialized, high-demand True Paint Correction services for Gloucester County residents. Our painstaking process, which uses modern abrasives, state-of-the-art technology, and decades of combined experience, leaves vehicles looking defect-free and better than new. 

Customers should have no fear of those defects re-emerging. AODetail’s team will not simply hide them but will remove them permanently. For smaller imperfections, our paint chip repair service will get your car’s paint looking brand new again. AODetail does not just remove defects from vehicles. We remove the hassle of finding reliable detail services and the worry about having a vehicle in trusted hands. 

Contact the Experts Today

AODetail offers a wide variety of auto detailing packages to suit your every need! Starting at $195, we have your car detailing needs covered. Trust our experts to ensure your car looks its best by recommending a package for your car’s needs. Don’t see a package that fits the bill? We can customize a plan to fit any want or need.

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