AODetail’s Luxury Car Auto Detailing in Philadelphia, PA

Finding the right auto detailer in your area can be hard. There are many options out there, but how do you know which is best? AODetail is a top choice for high-quality auto detailing and full-service car washes in the Greater Philadelphia area.

AODetail is conveniently located across the Delaware River from Philadelphia’s Port Richmond neighborhood. Our great location makes us easily accessible for your car detailing needs. We offer a variety of services from interior and exterior detailing packages to exterior protection and more.

Interior and Exterior Car Detailing Packages

With AODetail, there is a variety of detailing packages to choose from. You can customize a package to suit your needs. AODetail will ensure that your car looks as new as it can be. 

Auto detailing has many benefits when compared to a standard car wash. AODetail will take care of your car, ensuring your paint doesn’t incur any scratches or dings that can happen from a standard car wash. Personalized service and attention to detail that cannot be matched at any car wash.

2-Step Full Auto Detailing

This package starts at $225 and is great for vehicles with good upkeep. This package features: 

  • Foam bath
  • Iron-x decontamination
  • Synthetic sealant 
  • Windows-wheels-wells-tires-jambs cleaned and treated 
  • Interior surfaces cleaned 
  • Attention to cracks and crevices 
  • Shampoo and steaming for carpets and upholstery 

3-Step Full Auto Detailing 

This package starts at $325. It is great for cars that need a deep clean. This package features:

  • Foam bath 
  • Clay bar treatment 
  • Iron-x decontamination
  • Machine polishing 
  • Synthetic sealant 
  • Windows-wheels-wells-tires-jambs cleaned and treated 
  • All interior services that are included in the two-step process.

4-Step Full Auto Detailing

This package starts at $425 and is for vehicles with defects and provides an extra shiny finish. This package features: 

  • Foam bath
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Iron-x decontamination
  • Two rounds of machine polishing 
  • Synthetic sealant
  • Windows-wheels-wells-tires-jambs cleaned and treated 
  • All interior services are included in the two-step process.

New Car Package

This package starts at $195 and is for cars fresh off the lot that need a protective layer. This package features: 

  • Foam bath
  • Clay bar treatment 
  • Iron-x decontamination
  • Paint correction 
  • Synthetic sealant 
  • Windows-wheels-wells-tires-jambs cleaned and treated 
  • Interior surfaces protection coat

Along with the services mentioned above, AODetail also offers custom services. You can discuss your car’s needs with us, and we can create a custom package for you to achieve your goals. 

Protecting Your Car’s Exterior from the Elements

Living in the Philadelphia area, you can encounter many situations that can impact your car’s look and lower its value over time, lessening your return on investment if you choose to sell down the road. Common issues include: 

  • Faded paint from UV rays 
  • Scratches from rocks, rock salt, and road debris 
  • Defects from car washes, improper washing
  • Chemical stains from acid rain and other substances 

All these things and more affect the state of your vehicle. AODetail can help you combat these issues with their paint protection film and ceramic coating installation services.

Paint Protection Film and Clear Bra

Paint protection film (PPF) or “clear bra” is a clear, urethane barrier that protects your car’s paint from mishaps involving rocks, scratches, or etching. It’s an invisible film that goes over your car and ensures the well-being of the paint job for the long haul. Paint protection film can be installed on your whole car, half the car, or a quarter of the vehicle. This installation protects spots that commonly incur damage over the lifetime of the vehicle, saving you money on costly repairs in the long run and generally making exterior maintenance far easier.

Ceramic and Graphene Automotive Coatings

Another great option for protecting your car is ceramic and graphene coatings. Made from nano-ceramic particles, these coatings can protect your paint against UV rays, contaminants, and road salt. AODetail is a certified CeramicPro installer and can guide you through the process to ensure your car gets the best care.

If you want the ultimate protection for your car’s exterior, paint protection film and ceramic coatings can be used together. This protection ensures your vehicle will look new for as long as possible.

Additional Auto Services 

AODetail offers some additional services to upkeep the look of your car for longer. These include: 

Wheel Powder Coating

This service can increase the durability and longevity of your wheels while repairing existing damage or changing colors/finishes. Powder coating is long-lasting but can easily be changed if you ever want to update the color of your wheels.

Paint Correction and Touch-Up

This service touches up the paint on your vehicle and corrects any scratches in your paint job. If you’re looking to sell your car or are returning a leased vehicle, a paint correction can save you from costly turn in penalties.  

Brake Caliper Painting

This service can correct rusty brake calipers back to being like new. Over time your brake calipers will become dirty and tarnished, but painting refreshes their look and can increase the value of your car.

Paint Touch-Ups & Chip Repairs

We’ll handle paint chips and scratches and restore your car’s paint to the best condition.

With AODetail’s wide variety of services and expertise, we are a great choice for your car detailing needs. 

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AODetail offers a wide variety of auto detailing packages to suit your every need! Starting at $195, we have your car detailing needs covered. Trust our experts to ensure your car looks its best by recommending a package for your car’s needs. Don’t see a package that fits the bill? We can customize a plan to fit any want or need.

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